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Melbourne producer Mystery Twin aka Cailan Burns makes these wholesome organic beats that sound like they’ve come from the depths of the brightest tropical jungle. Layered and full of intricacies Cailan seems to effortlessly infuse a multitude of sounds and styles.

Even the artwork (hand drawn illustrations by cailin himself) looks other worldy, full of extremely hairy mystical jungle creatures who all look unusually bliss.

It’s just been released by the awesome Melbourne label Sensory Projects, who brought us Pivot, Rat Vs Possum and many others….

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Mystery Twin’s Myspace

Mystery Twin – Held For The Moment

Mystery Twin – Back in Time For Tea


Gentleforce is a Sydney dood making lush, ambient electronic music, its stunning stuff. His debut was released earlier this year on local label Feral Media, who’ve been releasing some of the best experimental, electronic tunes around.

Gentleforce’s music is delicate and honest, his hypnotic loops draw you in and the beautiful melodies hold you. The subtle keys trickling through ‘Oh The Mystery Oh The Wonder’ are divine.

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Gentleforce’s Myspace

Gentleforce – Oh The Mystery Oh The Wonder

With an abundance of talented producers sporting the words panda and/or bear these days its hard to keep up with the who’s who and what’s what. The obvious producers aside, there’s a new standout (well, new to me anyway).

Pandatone’s ’09 album ‘Lemons & Limes’ has been getting some serious play of late, its just such a solid album! His sound is somewhere between Gold Panda and Bibio, it’s melodic, ambient glitch. According to Pandatone’s website the follow up is due out very very soon…..

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Pandatones Soundcloud

Pandatone – Broadwalk

Pandatone – If I Forgot We Dreamed

Naminé‘s a young dude from Melbourne making some cool fuzzed out electronic beats.

This is his first EP and it’s a great start! Taking his name from a video game, Naminé wields the power of being able to manipulate memories, nami also means ocean wave in Japanese, both very fitting for this nostalgic producer.

If your a fan head on over to his bandcamp and pick yourself up a copy.

Naminé’s Myspace

Naminé – Spacific Ocean

Naminé – Flying to England

Endless Spring is simply bliss, it’s dreamy, laid back in a hammock pop.

Essentially the product of being fired from his job, Houses decided to get back to basics, so he moved to a remote area of Hawaii, where plumbing and electricity were luxuries and recorded an album. Working for meals and recording during his spare time you can really hear that the music comes from a place of love and ease. Soon to be released through Lefse Records it shaping up to be the perfect soundtrack to your spring…

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Houses Myspace

Houses – Endless Spring

Also check out the beautiful clip compiled entirely of footage taken whilst in Hawaii.

Up until a few weeks ago Working For a Nuclear Free City didn’t mean a thing to me. Then their latest album ‘Jojo Burger Tempest’ walked into my life and its been by my side ever since…

Released on Melodic, the album’s an idiosyncratic journey through genres, bursting with ideas. These guys somehow manage to cram more into one track than some artists do a whole album!

‘Jojo Burger Tempest’ is an electronic post rock album at heart but don’t be fooled there’s something in it for everyone. Jumping from Rock to dream pop then over the tracks to glitchy beats, all over the course of 3 minutes, there’s never a dull moment.

Have a listen for yourself, hopefully you’ll be as surprised by this little gem as I was…

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Working For a Nuclear Free City Myspace

WFANFC – Black River


The London/Berlin duo Hype Williams have just dropped a new 7″ ‘Do Roids and Kill E’rything’ in the lead up to their forth coming album on Hippos in Tanks (the same awesome label that’s released Games, Oneohtrix Point Never, White Cars and Laurel Halo) Hype Williams have 3 quality releases under their belts this year, so the album’s shaping up to be a winner!

If your not familiar with Hype Williams, they make really cool, really lo-fi, abstract electronica. Here are my favs so far…

Hype William’s Myspace

Hype Williams – Blue Dream

Hype Williams – Get Choong and Look at the Sky

Hype Williams – Ooovrrr (Taken from the new 7″, Do Roids and Kill E’rything)

Really digging oOoOO, just stumbled across his EP yesterday while flicking through Boomkat.

oOoOO’s doing the whole dark, haunting electro pop thing that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment, will it be a flavour of the month like other comparable sub genres, or is it here to stay? Who knows….i’m digging it none the less.

oOoOO’s debut EP has just been released through Tri-Angle, the same label that brought us Salem‘s debut.

Anywho if you want to hear more you can stream the entire EP over at XLR8R

oOoOO – Hearts

oOoOO – Burnout Eyes

I’m in love with these guys and their cosmic beats. Their debut album, ‘She Was Coloured In’, has just launched itself into the universe, thanks to our friends at Planet Mu, and its nothing short of amazing!

Their music sounds so familiar, yet so different. At times its delicate and melodic and others heavily layered with synths and effects, yet it still manages to sound so organic. One thing’s for sure… their music is super visual, conjuring up images from another world, it’s definitely a sound scape worth exploring.

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Solar Bears Myspace

Solar Bears – Children of the Times

Solar Bears – Primary Colours at the Back of My Mind

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