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Red Plum & Snow is the project of Kris Keogh and Gretchin Ennis, hailing from sunny Darwin their music is part acoustic, part electronic but remains pop at heart. The duo write love songs sans the happy ending.

They’re a rare breed of musicians, they’re cd’s are all hand-made and unique, they hand out cakes at their shows and they totally respect Prince… kudos!

This track ‘Waiting’ is off the latest release ‘Brightest Beginnings’ which you can download/buy from their bandcamp

Red Plum & Snow Bandcamp

Red Plum & Snow Myspace


Red Plum & Snow – Waiting


Melbourne producer Mystery Twin aka Cailan Burns makes these wholesome organic beats that sound like they’ve come from the depths of the brightest tropical jungle. Layered and full of intricacies Cailan seems to effortlessly infuse a multitude of sounds and styles.

Even the artwork (hand drawn illustrations by cailin himself) looks other worldy, full of extremely hairy mystical jungle creatures who all look unusually bliss.

It’s just been released by the awesome Melbourne label Sensory Projects, who brought us Pivot, Rat Vs Possum and many others….

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Mystery Twin’s Myspace

Mystery Twin – Held For The Moment

Mystery Twin – Back in Time For Tea

‘Hamilton Road‘ is the latest from lo-fi pin up boy Ducktails, it’s a loose jam with an infectious hook and one of the few times he’s pulled the vocals off. I’m really digging this, if it’s anything to go by, his upcoming album Ducktails III should be his best to date.

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Ducktails Myspace

Ducktails – Hamilton Road

Endless Spring is simply bliss, it’s dreamy, laid back in a hammock pop.

Essentially the product of being fired from his job, Houses decided to get back to basics, so he moved to a remote area of Hawaii, where plumbing and electricity were luxuries and recorded an album. Working for meals and recording during his spare time you can really hear that the music comes from a place of love and ease. Soon to be released through Lefse Records it shaping up to be the perfect soundtrack to your spring…

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Houses Myspace

Houses – Endless Spring

Also check out the beautiful clip compiled entirely of footage taken whilst in Hawaii.

I don’t know much about Fox Hands, well he does makes great music….but according to his website he also draws comics strips, writes children’s books AND is one half of a record/comic book combo for children called Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine (hmm…..interesting you say).

Anywho his music under the moniker Fox Hands is great experimental lo-fi pop. It sounds like colourful waves crashing on the shore, gradually making their way up the beach towards unassuming beach go-ers.

You can grab his EP ‘Peoplenoswan’ from bandcamp here for free, or you can support the artist and flick him a few dow-llars… your call

Fox Hands Myspace

Fox Hands – Branches

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