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With an abundance of talented producers sporting the words panda and/or bear these days its hard to keep up with the who’s who and what’s what. The obvious producers aside, there’s a new standout (well, new to me anyway).

Pandatone’s ’09 album ‘Lemons & Limes’ has been getting some serious play of late, its just such a solid album! His sound is somewhere between Gold Panda and Bibio, it’s melodic, ambient glitch. According to Pandatone’s website the follow up is due out very very soon…..

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Pandatones Soundcloud

Pandatone – Broadwalk

Pandatone – If I Forgot We Dreamed


Described by Flying Lotus as “timeless, incredible filth”, Gonjasufi‘s back with a remix album to go hand in hand with his incredibly unique debut ‘A Sufi and a Killer’. His voice is so bizarre and awesome, it transcends anything I’ve heard before…

I’m really excited about this release, his debut is up their with the best of the year. With remixes from Bibio, Oneohtrix Point Never, Bears In Heaven, Mark Pritchard and Broadcast this was a no brainer always bound for the stars. A diverse album of psychedelic and down right weird remixes to put a smile on any fans dial…..p

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Gonjasufi – Candylane (Bibio Remix)

Gonjasufi – She’s Gone (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix)

Gonjasufi – The Caliph’s Tea Party (Broadcast & The Focus Group ‘DedNd’ Remix)

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